Term and conditions:

There are our certain term and conditions that you need to follow. These terms and condition are there to make the regulation process of an app smooth. A user needs to be agreed to these terms and conditions to use a service.  There are set of rules that you need to follow as a user to use our website.

Additionally, there are some specific reasons why you need to be agreed on these terms and conditions to avoid any kind of abuse, to protect our content, to terminate accounts, and to limit the liability. Read our term and conditions carefully because after accepting these terms and conditions you can browse on our website.

What are the term and conditions?

There are the terms and conditions set by us read them carefully.

We may alter the material at any time:

We can change the material at any time. We can as well alter the services procedure and can continue and discontinue any part of services without informing you and, notifying you. We need to do some changes to regulate the system efficiently.  If you sign us with email, we will this list of term and conditions to your email account to read or to accept it.

You cannot use this website or application for commercial purposes:

Tik Tok Apk Free website and, application is for general use. You cannot use it for commercial reason, also you can’t able to use this application for marketing and advertising purposes.

You need to be eighteen years old:

Your age must be eighteen years if you want to use this application. Because this app is like the global community you need to interact with a thousand people here.  So you need to be eighteen years old at last and, if you are younger than eighteen you need to have the consent of your legal guardian and parents.

We can change the agreement as well:

We go on making transactions on our legal agreement to meet the present needs. Changes are being made according to the different community guidelines.

We can clear unauthorized activities:

We can delete unauthorized data or activities and, any other use of the service beyond permitted purposes at any time. This is because we place all the rights and services between us remain on our property. So we can clear these kinds of materials.

These are the terms and conditions between you and us that you need to accept all these remain in our property.