Privacy policy:

What is privacy policy? it is actually a document which consists of information that we collect from our users, how you use it and, keep it private? You have to give your throughout information so read our privacy policy carefully. Also, clear the point that how we collect information to utilize it or protect it we can as well control your PII. Make sure that you are agreed with all the term and conditions that we have applied after that you can get access to our site and applications.

When do we collect information?

Tik Tok Apk collects information when you are registered in our app or when you have filled out a form to use this site or app. Now we have all of your data. Now you can use the app freely. And you must be thinking what we have to do with this information or what do we use your information for? We use this information in the following ways:

  • We use this information to store your browsing history on this app
  • To know that whether you are compliance our term or not
  • We gather this information to personalize your experience with this app
  • To provide to services which are updating day by day
  • To protect your account and content
  • The app that you are using to customize it
  • For the administrative causes
  • To look that you are not violating our terms or to run the notification smoothly
  • To provide you the different services and updates which suits you
  • To avoid the risk of fraud, to make your experience with this app secure

If you have any query regarding our policy and any of its feature kindly contact us at .  We will try to help you.

What are the terms and conditions?

Kindly read these terms and conditions carefully for getting the access of our applications. You need to be agreed by these terms and conditions if you are not agreeing with these terms you cannot use or get access to our application. These terms and conditions will actually govern your use of this application. These are applied by us so that no users can affect the credibility of our site or application. Here are the term and conditions:

  • You cannot post any material from our website or application on any other social platform
  • You cannot use this application or website for any advertisement or marketing purposes
  • You cannot be engaged in any data mining and, data extracting or any other activity related to this application or website
  • You cannot use this application or website contrary to the rules and regulation that is given to you before registering the application
  • The content that is placed on your account should be your own content. You cannot copy another person’s content. It should only belong to you and not infirming any third party’s right

You are bound by these terms and conditions if you want to use our application. For further information, you can contact us.